New MP by Rodrigo Castrillon


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    New MP by Rodrigo Castrillon

    Post by ZduneX25 on Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:57 am

    Hi buddies!

    I've compiled a MP based in the new R452H4 firmware.
    I hope you all like it.

    ################ ALERT #################

    If you don't know what is RSA or if your phone is RSA removed or not, DO NOT FLASH THIS MP!!!
    Remove your RSA first, then fhais it to your phone!

    ############## DESCRIPTION ##############

    What I did:
    - UPDATED!!! Fixed DAP;
    - UPDATED!!! Default language is US English and all apps are also in English and fully working;
    - UPDATED!!! PDF Reader included in Java apps;
    - UPDATED!!! KDPlayer updated to the latest version (9.6);
    - Fixed most of the skins bugs (note that this is not a skinner problem. Most of the skins were not made specially for K1, but ported);
    - Tested all functions of the phone with the new firmware (calls, SMS, bluetooth, call transfer, voice codec quality, etc.);
    - Modded SEEMs;
    - VST fully working with the LP0003 (US English, Portuguese, Latin Spanish and Canadian French;
    - Lots of wallpapers and C.gif;
    - Patched the firmware for full access to the file system;
    - Probably little more than that... But I forgot cheers


    By [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] at 2008-10-02

    Java (Only free apps...):

    - DIgital Audio Player;
    - KDPlayer - Excellent MP3 Player;
    - MatraxBench - Benchmark app;
    - MidpSSH: SSH/Telnet app. Support scripts;
    - MiniCommander 3.4 - No comments Very Happy;
    - MotoID - Identify external music;
    - mToolbox - Good set of tools;
    - Opera Mini - Cool browser;
    - Phone Manager - 1 more file manager;
    - Read Maniac - E-book reader, excellent;
    - StopWatch - Very useful;
    - Students Calculator - Scientific calculator;
    - PDF Reader.


    - Moto Very Happy;

    - Crystal Black (Autor: JithinSK);

    - DaBeat (Autor: Arnee);

    - Eclipse (Autor: JithinSK);

    - GreenBird (Autor: 或许, traduzida por: Mytimeisnow);

    - Milk (Autor: qqaazz);

    - Motoedy (Autor: Motoedy);

    - NatBlue (Autor: rusoftware);

    - NFS (Autor: rusoftware);

    - Pulse (Autor: JithinSK);

    - Ubuntu Human (Autor: devL);

    - Windows Vista (sorry, but I really don't know the author. If someone knows, please tell me).

    [URL=""]More screenshots[/URL]

    - Dual SIM support;
    - EMS enabled;
    - Opcodes menu: MENU 048263*;
    - Bluetooth activity timer set to 5min;
    - Dial prefix;
    - Don't change the ringtone when plugged in USB;
    - Delayed answer enabled;
    - World clock;
    - Numbers without dashes;
    - Can lock most functions through security menu;
    - PTT activated;
    - Engineering menu;
    - Switch "c.gif" from phone's menu;
    - Don't hang up a call when the flip is closed (if the spkr is enabled);
    - Funligh created by me (almost a christmas tree Very Happy);
    - Keepin' # pressed will turn ring mode to Vibrate;
    - 50 dialed/received calls;
    - Unlimited video recording;
    - Unlimited audio recording - can also choose the quality;
    - Special ringtone for roaming calls;
    - 12 icon menus;
    - Images displayed in 2x2 or list;
    - Speaking phone;
    - SMS delivery reports;
    - Browser key mapped to "menu" key. Now you can use the "shortcuts" function and play some games that need a special menu key (like V3's) - note that you can change it, please read all this post;
    - Phonebook's images from SD card;
    - Ringtones from SD card;
    - etc...

    ### DOWNLOAD ###

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


    - Change song through earphone's key:
    1. Access OPCODES menu: quickly press "menu"+048263*;
    2. Type: 47*91*1*51*1*047
    3. Set key's standard function (answer calls and access the voice dial feature): 47*91*1*51*1*051
    4. After typing the codes, RESTART the phone.

    - Set smart key as PTT key:
    1. Access OPCODES menu: quickly press "menu"+048263*;
    2. As PTT: 47*91*1*21*1*064
    3. As camera: 47*91*1*21*1*021
    4. After typing the codes, RESTART the phone.

    - Change BROWSER key function:
    1. Access OPCODES menu: quickly press "menu"+048263*;
    - Browser: 47*91*1*30*1*066;
    - Menu: 47*91*1*30*1*020;
    - Smart Key: 47*91*1*30*1*021.
    3. After typing the codes, RESTART the phone.

    - Raise signal reception level (not confirmed, please test):
    1. Access OPCODES menu: quickly press "menu"+048263*;
    2. Turned ON: 47*50*1*127*1*191
    3. Turned OFF: 47*50*1*127*1*189
    4. After typing the codes, RESTART the phone.

    That's all! Please test and post ur comments!!

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